Plascee Sanchez 1840-1913

Texas Ancestor of Albert De Leon


    Plascee Sanchez was born May 5, 1840 in Nacogdoches Territory Republic of Texas.  He died January 9, 1913 in Nacogdoches and is buried at the Larazine Cemetery located six west of Nacogdoches on Hwy #7.  Plascee is know in the family as Placido Sanches and lived most of his life in Leon County Texas.  He had three brothers and one sister.  He married Vencenta (Sindy) YÕBarbo.  His father Julian Sanchez was born in Texas and is listed on the school tax rolls and census records for Nacogdoches County in 1836.   JulianÕs wife Marcissa was a Choctaw Indian from Mississippi that he married on one of his adventures east.   Plascee was a farmer most of his life.  He enlisted in the Confederate Army July 17, 1862 at Centerville, Leon County, Texas as a private in Company G, 2nd Regiment, Texas Infantry, CSA.  He was captured at the Battle of Vicksburg, Mississippi and was a prisoner of war for a short time.  He was paroled July 7, 1863 and was allowed to return to Texas.


(August 22, 1904 Military SecretaryŌs Office War Dept. Wash. D.C.  App. #915267 information for State Pension returned to:  The Comptroller, State of Texas, and Austin). 


   My name is Albert De Leon and Plascee Sanchez also know as Placido Sanches is my Great Great Grandfather, he is the father of my Grandmother Rosa (Rosie) Sanchez who married my Grandfather Pablo de Leon on January 21, 1887 in Centerville, Leon County, Texas.




Albert De Leon

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