Silas Mercer Parker (1802-1836)

Qualifying ancestor for Thomas Paul Wilkinson, Jr.



      Silas Mercer Parker was the son of  Elder John and Sarah (White) Parker.  They made their way to Texas in 1833 via, Georgia, Tennessee and Illinois. While in Illinois, Silas Mercer married Lucinda Duty on August 31, 1824. He also served under Captain Thomas B. Ross in the Black Hawk War in 1832.


      They moved to Texas in 1833 with his brothers and father.  Silas Mercer received a league of land on April 1, 1835 near the site of Grosebeck in Limestone County. He and his brother James W. built Fort Parker on this league in 1835.


      Silas Mercer served Texas as a member of the Committee of Safety and Correspondence for Viesca and as a ranger guarding the area around Fort Parker.


      He was killed May 19, 1836 when Indians attacked Fort Parker and also took two of his children, Cynthia Ann and John. His wife and two other children Orlena and Silas, Jr. survived and as adults settled in East Texas in Van Zandt and Anderson counties. 


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