David Bright & Jacob Milton Miller




My lineal linage that includes two members of the Old Three Hundred; my Great-Great-Great Grandfather Bright and Great-Great Grandfather Snider. Other later arriving ancestors who lived here during the Republic of Texas days were my Great Grandfather Travis Miller and Grandfather Jacob Milton Miller.


David Bright was among Stephen F. Austin Old 300 Families.  Gabriel Straw Snider, also among Stephen F. Austin Old 300 Families, signed a Marriage Bond with Mary Bright, daughter of David Bright, in the Austin Colony as witnessed by Stephen F. Austin.

Travis Miller married Diana Straufschneider, daughter of Gabriel Straw Snider, 22 January 1841, Columbus, Republic of Texas.

Jacob Milton Miller born December 24, 1844, Columbus, Republic of Texas, the son of Travis and Diana  Straufschneider Miller.


Andrew A. Litzler, #5971