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Ancestors of Fort Worth

Chapter #36 SRT Members


The Ephraim M. Daggett Chapter #36 of Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas contains some illustrative people whose ancestry is traced back to the time frame of the Republic of Texas.   Here is an opportunity for you to read the ancestry of the characters (the Texian citizens) by whom our members were qualified to become members of the Sons of the Republic of Texas.


Click on the link of the ancestor's name below.  The listing is alphabetic by chapter member name:


Fort Worth Chapter

      Member                            Ancestor's Name

Jean Davis Baker                               Horace Baker
   [deceased 2009-11-10]

J. Duane Blair                                     James Blair

Albert De Leon                                  Plascee Sanche

Charles L. Geren                                Ernst Gruene

Preston M. Geren, Jr.                         Ernst Gruene

Preston (Pete) Geren, III                    Ernst Gruene

Gerry Gieger                                       Lovell Coffman

Christopher K. Hull                                          Erastus Smith


Joe David Hallford                             James P. Hallford

George W. Johnson                            Joshua Hadley

Russell Warren Leavens                    Collin McKinney

Andrew A. Litzler                              David Bright &

Jacob M. Miller

John Loven                                         George Whitfield Terrell

Benjamin Rush Milam                       Collin McKinney

Dan Edmund Oliver                           Benjamin Gage


Luther Vaughn Oliver                        Benjamin Gage

D. A. Sharpe                                       Felix Benedict Dixon

M. Gerald (Jerry) Spencer                 Mills Piland

Roger Lynn Tate                               Zachariah Westfall


Robert Charles Vivion                      John Marr Hardeman 

Thomas Paul Wilkinson, Jr.             Silas Mercer Parker

David Rolfe Wells                            Martin Baty Lewis

David Rolfe Wells                             Samuel S. Lewis

John W. Williams                              Thomas Williams &

Leonard Williams

Wesley W. Williams                        Thomas Williams &

         Leonard Williams



Ronald Jack Wright                             Isaac & Mary Jane Power




Fort Worth Chapter Members are invited to submit a biographical sketch about

the ancestor (or ancestors) by whom they were qualified


Send submissions by e-mail to the web master, D. A. Sharpe. 

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